FATBIKE Rules & Regulations

2016 IronLine FatBike Race Rules & Regulations (UPDATED)
(27-mile & 15-mile Shorty)


Our Registration is hosted by Americinn, directly across from the Iron River RV Park/Chamber of Commerce. Registration for the FatBike Race(s) will be from 7:30-9:00am on Saturday, January 30th.


This meeting will be at the upper parking lot adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce A-frame building (50 East Genesee Street). Meeting is at 9:30. Please look for the FatBike banner.

NOTE: this area will also act as our staging area for the FatBike race(s). Please do not proceed to RV Park race chute until our race staff has given the ok.


Everyone will be very happy to know that we have a completely separate and groomed fat bike course this year, and there will be NO snowmobile traffic!!!

There will be a County Sheriff and Search & Rescue presence out there…and they are very good at what they do. If there was to be a weather emergency or accident, they will be close to get anyone off the trail.


Have your bike checked by a mechanic before racing.
Use bar ends on the ends of handlebars.
Helmets need to be strapped and worn properly.

*Use normal cycling discretion at crossings. The only dangerous crossings with be manned, but still pay attention. Also, more of our backcountry crossings can be trafficked by snow machines and you should still pay attention when crossing. Our race has VERY MINIMAL crossings, but still be a heads-up rider.


If riders bunch up on narrower trail, use the customary “On your right…or left” call-outs and head the trail to passing or faster riders.
No food caches.
No outside assistance except for race personnel or aid stations.
No littering on trail.

*If you have a mechanical or bike issue OR have to walk for any reason, please use discretion in NOT walk directly on the most groomed and hard packed area of the trail. Seek to walk using the far right or left of the trail to make the riding experience for those still riding more enjoyable.


FatBike with 3.7″ tires or larger.
*Number plate fastened securely to front of bike.

*Recommended: You will see varying trail conditions, so deflating tires to lower pressures to “float” is highly recommended on our trail. We have seen a dramatic difference in running low PSI on our trail, giving much greater float and maneuverability.

Think WARMTH! Our race WILL probably be cold. We are notorious for being one of the coldest areas in the UP, so bring extra gloves or liners, balaclavas, face masks, goggles, extra hat, and warmers boots if the temps really drop.

Also, layer mindfully. Many riders have a vest or outer layer that they can strip or put back on after climbing. Think wicking and base layers and please, take care of your feet, hands, and heads.


Bikes with no brakes.
No Tandem FatBikes.
Drugs or Alcohol.
Machine guns.
Those corny spikes that come out of your hubs to shred other people’s wheels.


Each racer NEEDS to bring their cell phone with them and will be provided two emergency numbers of key race staff to report a scratch, drop-out, or problem. Keeping your phone in an inner layer will help the longevity of the battery during the race. NOTE, we are expecting the longer race to take well over two hours.

You will also be able to call in another rider in need of help, using one of the cell numbers provided at registration.


There will be no less than 3 places where riders can receive help from race staff, get warmer water, or a snack. These are also places where calls to scratch can be made in the event a cell phone is down. Our support staff can radio or call in any rider need.