IronLine Staff

Adam Kicker: Race Director

Amanda Kicker: Race Director

Seth Waters: Sponsorship Supervisor & Board Member

Seth Waters is a good friend of ours who has a great gift with people. Seth is one of the most excitable and easy to like people you will ever meet. We are pleased that he has taken on the time-consuming task of speaking to all of our area businesses and donors about their backing and involvement in the first year of the IronLine. Without Seth and his people skills and spunk, presenting this race to our community would be daunting.

Dennis Phillips: Trail Boss & Board Member

With former event planning experience under his belt, Dennis Phillips is a good guy to have in your corner. And with a trail-happy Jeep and plenty of fishing spots located, he happens to be real, real good at getting us some sweet trail to run dogs on. Like many of us, Dennis is a bit new to dog driving and dog sled racing, but is very willing to learn all the ropes and lines and lingo to bring something special to our snowy little nook in the north woods.

Lyle Ross: Race Marshall/Race Judge & Mentor

For some reason, Lyle Ross came to more of our early meetings than any other musher. Retired now from mushing himself, Lyle has always had a level-headed approach and offered key insight, not to mention he knows a lot about making sure we have a good racecourse. Lyle will be helping us maintain a straightforward and fun race and will make sure mushers are comfortable with everything….

Royce Wayman: Sponsorship & Timing

Keischa Wayman: Merchandise

Ron Simmons: Communications.

From the Iron Range Amateur Radio Club. Ron and his team will be coordinating ham radios with our headquarters and station their operators at key points on our race course to ensure safety and awareness during The IronLine event.

Veterinary Staff

Dr. Tom Gustafson: Veterinarian

Dr. Jeanie Wilcox: Veterinarian

A ’94 graduate of Michigan State University. She has a practice in Gwinn, MI. She has been involved in the UP sled dog races as a vet since 1995. These include the G-M Classic, UP200, Midnight Run, Copper Dog 150 and The Tahquamenon. She really likes the green parka! Her interests beyond vet work include her biking, beading, horses, bird hunting with her spectacular dogs and wilderness trips to canoe and camp with her husband, Burt and appropriate critters when allowed.

Dr. Cheryl Matuszewski: Veterinarian

Dr. Kevin Kicker: Veterinarian

Meghan Marks: LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technician)

Meghan Marks CVT caught the sled dog bug in 2000 after doing pre-race bloodwork and EKG’s for the Iditarod. Since then have gotten a chance to see some amazing places and meet great people working races and helping with research projects. Races include….A Beargrease way back in 2001, Copper Basin 300, Percy De Wolf, pre-race for Yukon Quest, a bunch of UP200s, Copper Dog and now the IronLine. Great care of the dogs is main concern as well as being there to help educate mushers and handlers. A sled dog race truly is a team effort of many and want to help where I can. When not playing with sled dogs Meghan has 2 cats and 2 sassy terriers at home. They are not as crazy about the snow as she is. Look forward to meeting new people and seeing old friends.





Joshua Brindle: Race Founder

Josh was born a Hoosier (Indiana Native: basketball, race cars, corn) but always loved the snow and adventure. After meeting his wife in the U.P. and going to his first sled dog race (UP200), he was hooked! Fast forward to March 2012, while Grace was having their fourth baby and they both were carefully tracking the Iditarod (simultaneously)…they came up with a crazy idea to bring a sled dog race to Iron River, MI. With an “events logistics” background and lots of hutzpah, Josh is excited and eager to see Iron River blossom while furthering the sled dog sports at the same time. In his “spare time,” Josh is a father, pastor, blogger, writer, and mountain biker.


Grace Brindle: Race Founder

Incredible, do-it-all multi-tasker and mom of four, Grace comes to us with great poise and public relation to boot. Her early love of mushing, while a child growing up in Crystal Falls, MI, was one of the forward thrusts that our team first had in our formative meetings. We are also indebted to Grace for working tirelessly on the website, logos, photo editing, and other graphic feats that we couldn’t do without.

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  1. Where is the sled dog race registration form/page on the website? I want to register for the 6-dog race before the fee goes up after December 31st, but can’t find any kind of menu tab for the registration form. HELP!

  2. Is the 4 dog race one day 12 miles or 2 days?? I am setting my sitghts on running this in 018. Never raced just 30 yrs. of rec. mushing. Thanks. WB

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