Trail Update 1-20-17

After a week of very questionable winter weather. The main thing on everyone’s mind is how are the trails. It’s the first question any one I talk to about the race about asks. Well here is your answer strait from our trail boss and head groomer at George Young.
They are GOOD! Despite the best efforts of the warm weather our large solid base of snow is holding its own. As of 2 o’clock Friday the 20th the Denise reports “The trails are looking pretty darn good. much better than I expected.” I would take this chance to say I told you so to all skeptics but I’m not that mean, nor am I gutsy enough to risk the wrath of Mother Nature. We still have this weekend to get through and we will be watching the trails.
However, as all outdoor sports lovers know we don’t have control of this elusive beast called weather. We invite everyone to do what they feel the need to do to bring back winter. Pray, meditate, dance the Heikki Lunta, what ever you find works best. We will have another official trail up date by Tuesday that will evaluate how things faired over the weekend.