Still time enough to mush.

It’s not often we get second chances. This year we all do. Due to the postponement of the race we are leaving race registration open an extra week. There are still enough open spots in the 10 dog race that you would be guaranteed purse money just for finishing. As usual the 6 dog race has more teams. However, there are still spots open in that race as well. The 4 dog is looking to be pretty competitive this year as well. We will have fun prizes for the top two mushers in that race this year.

Our trail is get is getting it’s second chance as well. Everything is now frozen and firm and we have been get light snow that past few nights. As of right now it’s Saturday afternoon and it’s been snowing pretty good for the past few hours. We all know that last week at this time the trails looked in good shape also. We will get another official trail report Monday or Tuesday from our trail boss Dennis Phillips (FIY he doesn’t like being called trail boss) and Race Marshal Lyle Ross. All I can say for now is all signs point to the trail looking great. That might just be the magic eight ball in me talking though. Regardless we understand it has been a challenge for everybody with the race being postponed. Thanks to every one that has put in work to help keep this race on. Be it mushers, volunteers, businesses, even Amanda and my employers who let us rearrange things again. We look forward to have everyone come and have a safe fun time. Please join us if you can.

Adam Kicker