2017 Registered Mushers Updated 2/2/17

10 Dog Race

Joanna Oberg  (Withdrew)

Liza Dietzen  (Lowered to 4 Dog Race)

Chad Grentz

Joan Fortier

Larry Fortier

Jerry Trudell

Tom Bauer

Becky Bean


6 Dog Race

Al Hardman  (Withdrew)

AJ Yost

Linda Thompson

Jesse Quayle (Lowered to 4 Dog Race)

Richie Camden

Randy Foust  (Withdrew)

Steven Foust (Withdrew)

Geri Minard

Susan Serafini

Erin Becker  (Withdrew)

Dominic Rekart

Al-Jo Thiart

Ron Hayden

Charles Eshback

Jon Perry

Kelly Engle

4 Dog Race

Dean Johnson (Withdrew)

Joy Weis  (Withdrew)

Liza Dietzen

Kate Dehlin

Rose Anderson

Jesse Quayle

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