FATBIKE Registration is LIVE!

Everybody get ready for the 2016 IronLine FATBIKE Race! This year, we will have a dedicated course just for our FATBIKE event and we are working hard on keeping it groomed and ready to race. Like last year, racers both new to fatbiking and seriously competitive will have an opportunity to enjoy the IronLine event, with both our main points series class (25 miles) and our FATBIKE Shorty (15 miles). And remember, we are the 4th race in the Great Lakes FATBIKE Series with our main race counting for points.
As of right now, our race field is limited to 150 riders for all classes.
Please follow the link to BikeReg to sign up! Also, email us at theironline@gmail.com with any questions or find us on Facebook at TheIronLine Sled Dog Race (because our winter race weekend includes an awesome 2-stage sled dog race!), which will have regular updates about our FATBIKE Race.