FatBike Shorty Announced for 2015

For all of you who weren’t wanting to race the 22-mile/40K FATBIKE Race, we have added a shorter one. Whether you are a beginner, new comer to winter mountain biking, or just don’t have any training in…the FATBIKE Shorty could be for you!

Leaves right after 40K FATBIKE Race.

$35 anytime fee. You can show up race day and just ride!

Small prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.

29+ Bikes are allowed.

Uses the same groomed trail as our other races.

*THIS RACE DOESN’T YET SHOW UP ON THE OFFICIAL RACE REGISTRATION. Please email us at theironline@gmail.com to enter or arrive early on Saturday, January 31st. (Then you can watch some of the dogs running!)