2015 Trail Update


We wanted to bring everyone up to speed for our trail this year. Mainly, the overall trail is the same as last year. The 10-Dog trail still goes out and around the George Young Golf Course and then around Chicagoan Lake and, finally, back to town. The only CHANGES we have made have been to better the 6-Dog Race and FatBike course, which are one in the same.

Instead of just doing an “out & back” and turning the 6-Dog teams around on the lake, we are going to run the 6-Dog teams and the FatBike Race around The Golf Complex, enjoying much more scenic and challenging terrain in the beautiful wooded area that only the 10-Dog teams usually see. THIS WILL MAKE THE 6-DOG RACE AROUND 2 MILES LONGER THIS YEAR, but again, seems very much worth it!

If you look on the map of last year’s route, the 6-dog portion will drop south off of the “green route” and do some of the wooded “serpentine” portion in the woods of the Golf Complex. This will be the only major change to all of our courses this year. Enjoy!

*Also, the 4-Dog and Recreational FatBike classes will turn around somewhere around 6-6.5 miles down the green route and then come back. THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST YEAR.