FatBike Race Info (Updated) 2015

We have been getting a lot of questions on our NEW FatBike Race and we would like to give everyone our most up-to-date info on this event.


40k or approximately 22 miles.

(As with all outdoor events and especially snowsports, there may be minor changes made do to snow conditions or unforeseen causes)


With our first race, we are using the “keep it simple” approach and simply offering two classes, men’s and women’s. Hopefully, as we grow in coming years, we will add more categories.


Unique to the IronLine, our trail will follow much of our sled dog trail which is groomed for a couple months before our race. The FatBike “out-and-back” incorporates all of our six-dog class trail and is made of three main sections:

1) Apple Blossom Community Footpath: this section is smooth and pretty and only has about one good climb. 2 miles.

2) ORV Trail #16: this is a fairly straight forward and quite “straight” section of groomed snowmobile trail. Not much climbing, a couple bridges, pretty. This area will still be open to snow machine traffic and they WILL have right of way. This area connects Iron River to the George Young Recreation Complex. 13-14 miles (out and back)

3) George Young Rec. Complex: this section will be the most MTB/single track part of the racecourse. You will see narrower trails, more climbing, thicker woods, and more technical terrain in general. This will also be where the course turns around and comes back to town. 4 miles


Iron River RV Park
50 East Genesee St.
Iron River, MI 49935

Starting area contains our Mushers Village which will be home to some food vendors and hot coffee. Plus, there will be activities for the whole family, kids sled dog rides, and games. IronLine merchandise will also be available in the village.


There will be a pre-race riders meeting at noon before our 12:30 start on Saturday, January 31st.


There will be 25-30 dog teams on these trails all morning. We would prefer we didn’t have any dog/FatBike entanglements.


We will be making sure everyone’s tires stay fat! So, 3.7″ or bigger. However, there have been a couple questions about 29+, but the conditions probably won’t favor those. Stay tuned.


We have a guaranteed cash purse of $1,500 to split with the top men and women riders. These riders will also be invited to the Mushers/Winners Banquet.

TRAIL MAPS (coming soon)

RACE RULES (coming soon) These will be very standard.

*PLEASE, PLEASE feel free to contact us with any questions, ideas, concerns.
Email: theironline@gmail.com
Phone: 906-284-2592
Facebook: TheIronLine Sled Dog Race

*Registration IS live! Tell your friends.

Josh & Grace Brindle, IronLine Race Directors