2014 Race Updates & FAQ

We wanted to update everyone on the progress for The IronLine 2014! JANUARY 31-FEBRUARY 1st

1. We ARE having a 4-dog Recreational Race for up-and-comers, young mushers, and those just wanting to have fun running dogs. There will be awards, NO vet checks, but vet records are needed. Jackie Winkowski will be helping us out on this one.

2. We STILL have room in all race categories, including the ten, six, and four-dog. We have the most ten–dog teams right now.

3. There will be a competitive purse for the ten-dog race, but it is a little early to tell. Our target RACE PURSE was $6,500-8,500.

4. We are STILL looking for sponsors of all shapes and sizes and there is still time to get behind IronLine 2014!

5. Lyle Ross is again acting as Mentor and Race Marshall/Judge. We are happy to have Lyle overseeing this great race!

6. The main race course for the ten and six-dog class has been GPSed at an actual 37-38 miles as of this last week. So, we are very close to the target 40-mile mark!

7. Iron River and the surrounding area has been getting fairly consistent snow since the third week of November and the trails are looking good. Groomers for snowmobile sections are already out, a great sign! And our trail crew is already dragging and marking back country sections, and they are excited at what they are seeing!

8. We are still looking for VOLUNTEERS this year. We could still use help in dog handling and traffic control, and a couple road crossings. Email us if you want to get involved!

9. The Musher’s Village is still looking for food and craft vendors as well as outdoor, winter enthusiasts that may have something interesting to bring to the village atmosphere.

10. We still need a musher to offer up their services for kid’s sled rides on Saturday morning. Know anyone?

11. Oh, and part of our merchandise lineup this year includes travel coffee mugs!

12. The overall schedule for mushers will start Friday morning around 9:00 am, with vet checks directly after. Musher luncheon/meeting in the early afternoon, and then a 6:30 start for Stage 1. Saturday will start a little later this year, for Stage 2, and will take off out of the Musher’s Village in the early afternoon, hopefully wrapping up before 5:00pm. Banquet at 7:00.

13. I’m very proud to announce that this year has come together much quicker and easier because of all of the volunteer and community support and having extra people on staff to carry the load, not to mention a bang-up trail crew that is absolutely on top of everything. Can’t wait for IronLine 2014!!!

Josh & Grace Brindle

NOTE: the OFFICIAL contingency date for the race is February 7-8.