January 30th - January 31st

Join us for this year's exciting IronLine Sled Dog race in beautiful Iron County, Michigan

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2015 Musher Schedule/Race Schedule

2015 Musher Schedule/Race Schedule

Friday, January 30th

8:30am: Registration Opens @ YooperLand Realty (1 East Genesee St., directly behind Americinn)
9:00am—1:30pm: Vet Checks (sign up for time slot at Registration)
2:00pm—Musher Luncheon @ Grace Covenant Church (316 Jasper St., Iron River)
4:00pm—Truck Parking @ Iron River RV Park (50 East Genesee St., Iron River, MI 49935)
6:00pm—Opening Ceremonies
6:30—Race Start, Stage 1 (10 & 6-dog)

Saturday, January 31st

7:30-8:15am—4-Dog Recreation Race Registration
8:30am—Stage 2 Start, 10 & 6-Dog, 4-Dog directly following
9:30-11:30—FATBIKE Race Registration
12:00-12:30—Stage 2, Sled Dog Races wraps up.

12:00pm-12:15pm—FatBike Race Meeting & Staging, Chamber of Commerce A-Frame (upper parking lot, @ RV Park)
12:30—FatBike Race(s) Begin
3:00-3:30—FatBike Race(s) End
5:00—Banquet @ George Young’s Recreation Complex (159 Young’s Lane,
Iron River, MI 49935)

Merchandise will be available throughout the race at the RV Park & George Young Recreation Complex. Stop by and see us!


6-Dog & FatBike Trail Data


Follow this link to look at our trail profile, elevation profile, and more accurate distance. This is the specific trail for our 6-Dog & FatBike course which had our newest IRONLINE trail added in.

*we do believe there was one small wrong turn on this run, bringing the overall distance of the trail very close to 12 miles, one direction (instead of the 12.4 which the data shows). This would bring overall distance to right at 24 miles for our full-length FatBike race.

2015 IronLine Volunteer Call-Out & Movie Night!

Join us at the Windsor Center in Iron River (old middle school) on Thursday JANUARY 22nd @ 6:00pm to view a great sled dog racing film! We will be viewing the 2014 Iditarod Race Documantary: The March to Nome, complete with footage of Iditarod history. Along with this film, we will see a short clip of last year’s IronLine race, give a call-out for new volunteers, and everyone will have their first chance to purchase NEW, 2015 IronLine merchandise. This is a FREE event brought to you through a partnership with Movies at the Windsor & Interpose Productions. Everyone welcome! Donations appreciated.


Registered Mushers for 2015 (UPDATED)

Registered Mushers for 2015

10-Dog Pro Class

1. Larry Fortier, Gaylord, MI
2. Joann Fortier, Gaylord, MI
3. Jerry Trudell, Calumet, MI
4. Mike Bestgen, MN
5. Fred Powers, Wetmore, MI
6. Chad Grentz, Nisula, MI
7. Jerry Papke, Kingston, MI
8. Shannon Miller, OH
9. Becky Bean, Laurium, MI
10. Amber Evans, Milaca, MN

6-Dog Sport Class

1. Lynne Witte, Mt. Clemens, MI
2. Randall Foust, Mountain, WI
3. Ron Hayden, Seven Hills, OH
4. Susan Sarafini, Hancock, MI
5. Larry Krot, Ohio
6. Liza Dietzen, Skandia, MI
7. S. Leigh Hunteman, Cambridge, MD
8. Mike Betz, Hudson, WI
9. Blair Braverman, Mountain, WI
10. Brian Kandler, Mason, MI

4-Dog Recreational Class

1. Jesse Quayle, Champion, MIA
2. Tim Wood, Skandia, MI
3. Teri Grout, Chatham, MI


FatBike Shorty Announced for 2015

For all of you who weren’t wanting to race the 22-mile/40K FATBIKE Race, we have added a shorter one. Whether you are a beginner, new comer to winter mountain biking, or just don’t have any training in…the FATBIKE Shorty could be for you!

Leaves right after 40K FATBIKE Race.

$35 anytime fee. You can show up race day and just ride!

Small prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.

29+ Bikes are allowed.

Uses the same groomed trail as our other races.

*THIS RACE DOESN’T YET SHOW UP ON THE OFFICIAL RACE REGISTRATION. Please email us at theironline@gmail.com to enter or arrive early on Saturday, January 31st. (Then you can watch some of the dogs running!)


IRONLINE 4-Dog Race Info

12-Mile distance

Uses same trail as other races, same as last year.

Turnaround at 6-mile marker, race personnel will be stationed there.

No standard vet checks, but vets will be on-hand to look teams over AND vet records will still be required.

Very basic bag requirements. Functional sled required, brakes, snow hook, etc.

1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards.

Teams aren’t required to be at six and ten-dog class Musher Meeting/Luncheon prior to FRIDAY start.

Those who have never raced are welcome!

Registration is from 7:30-8:00 if you are coming in Saturday morning.

Brief meeting with 4-dog Teams before start, to hand out bibs., and give trail info. Race starts directly after 10 & 6-Dog team leave (8:30am), Saturday morning, JANUARY 31st.


2015 Trail Update


We wanted to bring everyone up to speed for our trail this year. Mainly, the overall trail is the same as last year. The 10-Dog trail still goes out and around the George Young Golf Course and then around Chicagoan Lake and, finally, back to town. The only CHANGES we have made have been to better the 6-Dog Race and FatBike course, which are one in the same.

Instead of just doing an “out & back” and turning the 6-Dog teams around on the lake, we are going to run the 6-Dog teams and the FatBike Race around The Golf Complex, enjoying much more scenic and challenging terrain in the beautiful wooded area that only the 10-Dog teams usually see. THIS WILL MAKE THE 6-DOG RACE AROUND 2 MILES LONGER THIS YEAR, but again, seems very much worth it!

If you look on the map of last year’s route, the 6-dog portion will drop south off of the “green route” and do some of the wooded “serpentine” portion in the woods of the Golf Complex. This will be the only major change to all of our courses this year. Enjoy!

*Also, the 4-Dog and Recreational FatBike classes will turn around somewhere around 6-6.5 miles down the green route and then come back. THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST YEAR.

UPDATED: FatBike Race Info

We have been getting a lot of questions on our NEW FatBike Race and we would like to give everyone our most up-to-date info on this event.


40k or approximately 22 miles.

(As with all outdoor events and especially snowsports, there may be minor changes made do to snow conditions or unforeseen causes)


With our first race, we are using the “keep it simple” approach and simply offering two classes, men’s and women’s. Hopefully, as we grow in coming years, we will add more categories.


Unique to the IronLine, our trail will follow much of our sled dog trail which is groomed for a couple months before our race. The FatBike “out-and-back” incorporates all of our six-dog class trail and is made of three main sections:

1) Apple Blossom Community Footpath: this section is smooth and pretty and only has about one good climb. 2 miles.

2) ORV Trail #16: this is a fairly straight forward and quite “straight” section of groomed snowmobile trail. Not much climbing, a couple bridges, pretty. This area will still be open to snow machine traffic and they WILL have right of way. This area connects Iron River to the George Young Recreation Complex. 13-14 miles (out and back)

3) George Young Rec. Complex: this section will be the most MTB/single track part of the racecourse. You will see narrower trails, more climbing, thicker woods, and more technical terrain in general. This will also be where the course turns around and comes back to town. 4 miles


Iron River RV Park
50 East Genesee St.
Iron River, MI 49935

Starting area contains our Mushers Village which will be home to some food vendors and hot coffee. Plus, there will be activities for the whole family, kids sled dog rides, and games. IronLine merchandise will also be available in the village.


There will be a pre-race riders meeting at noon before our 12:30 start on Saturday, January 31st.


There will be 25-30 dog teams on these trails all morning. We would prefer we didn’t have any dog/FatBike entanglements.


We will be making sure everyone’s tires stay fat! So, 3.7″ or bigger. However, there have been a couple questions about 29+, but the conditions probably won’t favor those. Stay tuned.


We have a guaranteed cash purse of $1,500 to split with the top men and women riders. These riders will also be invited to the Mushers/Winners Banquet.

TRAIL MAPS (coming soon)

RACE RULES (coming soon) These will be very standard.

*PLEASE, PLEASE feel free to contact us with any questions, ideas, concerns.
Email: theironline@gmail.com
Phone: 906-284-2592
Facebook: TheIronLine Sled Dog Race

*Registration IS live! Tell your friends.

Josh & Grace Brindle, IronLine Race Directors



Registered Mushers as of December 1st

Registered Mushers for 2015

10-Dog Pro Class

1. Larry Fortier, Gaylord, MI
2. Joann Fortier, Gaylord, MI
3. Jerry Trudell, Calumet, MI
4. S. Leigh Hunteman, Cambridge, MD
5. Fred Powers, Wetmore, MI
6. Chad Grentz, Nisula, MI

6-Dog Sport Class

1. Lynne Witte, Mt. Clemens, MI
2. Randall Foust, Mountain, WI
3. Ron Hayden, Seven Hills, OH
4. Susan Sarafini, Hancock, MI
5. Larry Krot, Ohio
6. Liza Dietzen, Skandia, MIA

4-Dog Recreational Class

No entries yet.