FATBIKE Registration is LIVE!

Everybody get ready for the 2016 IronLine FATBIKE Race! This year, we will have a dedicated course just for our FATBIKE event and we are working hard on keeping it groomed and ready to race. Like last year, racers both new to fatbiking and seriously competitive will have an opportunity to enjoy the IronLine event, with both our main points series class (25 miles) and our FATBIKE Shorty (15 miles). And remember, we are the 4th race in the Great Lakes FATBIKE Series with our main race counting for points. 
As of right now, our race field is limited to 150 riders for all classes.
Please follow the link to BikeReg to sign up! Also, email us at theironline@gmail.com with any questions or find us on Facebook at TheIronLine Sled Dog Race (because our winter race weekend includes an awesome 2-stage sled dog race!), which will have regular updates about our FATBIKE Race.



What’s NEW for IronLine 2016

Here we go again, winter is right around the corner and our 2016 race crew is already working hard to “stay classy and fun” for another great year. Here at the IronLine, we are excited to let you guys know that we are NOT changing a lot of major things in our actual race. We have gotten great feedback about our trail and course viewing, our banquet, our field of awesome and spirited mushers, our awards, and community support. All of these things we seek to fine tune and deliver again and one way we are working hard this year is kicking things up a notch in our corps. of directors and volunteers.  
     By honing in on each job, each position, we are making it easier and more exciting to join the IronLine, which insures more happy campers in our group and the ability for core volunteers to move around a bit in the organization. We feel this will add longevity and sustainability to this great race!  

     So, expect to see our usual race classes of 4,6,& 10-dogs, a well-marked and groomed trail, a decent purse, great staff and volunteers, and a seriously welcoming community embracing dogs and drivers alike! Thank you to all of you who have helped make this thing fun and continue to bring excitement to Iron River in January! 

The IronLine, and the Iron County communities involved, are very happy to announce that we will be continuing with the FatBike race for 2016! We are also very pleased to inform you that we have been chosen to be part of the Great Lakes FatBike Series for 2016, joining our brothers at the Polar Roll in Marquette!  
     With last year being an experimental year, bringing us a few ups and downs, we have listened and learned from our riders and racers and seek to treat this race with the respect it deserves. This is why we are planning AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE ROUTE for our FatBike race, whereas last year, competitors shared the same course with our sled dog classes. We feel this will give us the chance to further cater to the grooming needs of an Upper Peninsula FatBike race. And speaking of grooming, we are also in the process of building our own roller/groomer and will have extra trail support just for this purpose. So, this is just a taste of the things to come from the IronLine for 2016…and stay tuned for Registration opening in October and many details yet to come!  


2015 IronLine Sled Dog Race Results

Overall Race Results
*Bib numbers and race times on timing sheet at the bottom.

1. Kris Sampson
2. Frank Holmberg
3. Joann Fortier
4. Jerry Papke
5. Larry Fortier
6. Mike Bestgen
7. Fred Powers
8. Amber Evans
9. Chad Grentz
10. Becky Bean

1. Martha Schouweiler
2. Lynn Witte
3. Mike Betz
4. Blair Braverman
5. Jerry Trudell
6. Randall Foust
7. Bruce McGuigan
8. Ron Hayden
9. Susan Serafini
10. Brian Kandler
11. Liza Dietzen
John Perry—DNF

1. Jesse Quayle
2. Dylan Grentz
3. Teri Grout
4. Craig Fox
5. Tim Wood
6. Quince Mountain
7. Kate Dehlin





2015 IronLine FatBike Overall Results

2015 Overall Results
*Times and racer numbers listed on timing sheet at the bottom.

40K FatBike
1. Evan Simula
2. Tyler Gauthier
3. Brian Geshel
4. Jason Jilbert
5. Ken Naef
6. Cooper Dandel—W
7. Pete Karinen
8. Tim Shandonay
9. Mitch Edbauer
10. Dominick Martorano
11. Pat Szubielak
12. Amy Michaels—W
13. Bob Carpenter
14. Matt Lemorande
15. Lyle Michaels
16. Dave Volpenteste
17. Amy Racine—W
18. Jason Fudala
19. Josh Brindle
20. Mark Harrick
21. Mike Kerrigan—DNF
22. Scott School—DNF

20K FatBike
1. Andrew Tegge
2. Eric Knauss
3. James Misturik
4. Benjamin Garcia
5. Alex Fields
6. Alysia Harrick—W



2015 Musher Schedule/Race Schedule

2015 Musher Schedule/Race Schedule

Friday, January 30th

8:30am: Registration Opens @ YooperLand Realty (1 East Genesee St., directly behind Americinn)
9:00am—1:30pm: Vet Checks (sign up for time slot at Registration)
2:00pm—Musher Luncheon @ Grace Covenant Church (316 Jasper St., Iron River)
4:00pm—Truck Parking @ Iron River RV Park (50 East Genesee St., Iron River, MI 49935)
6:00pm—Opening Ceremonies
6:30—Race Start, Stage 1 (10 & 6-dog)

Saturday, January 31st

7:30-8:15am—4-Dog Recreation Race Registration
8:30am—Stage 2 Start, 10 & 6-Dog, 4-Dog directly following
9:30-11:30—FATBIKE Race Registration
12:00-12:30—Stage 2, Sled Dog Races wraps up.

12:00pm-12:15pm—FatBike Race Meeting & Staging, Chamber of Commerce A-Frame (upper parking lot, @ RV Park)
12:30—FatBike Race(s) Begin
3:00-3:30—FatBike Race(s) End
5:00—Banquet @ George Young’s Recreation Complex (159 Young’s Lane,
Iron River, MI 49935)

Merchandise will be available throughout the race at the RV Park & George Young Recreation Complex. Stop by and see us!


6-Dog & FatBike Trail Data


Follow this link to look at our trail profile, elevation profile, and more accurate distance. This is the specific trail for our 6-Dog & FatBike course which had our newest IRONLINE trail added in.

*we do believe there was one small wrong turn on this run, bringing the overall distance of the trail very close to 12 miles, one direction (instead of the 12.4 which the data shows). This would bring overall distance to right at 24 miles for our full-length FatBike race.

2015 IronLine Volunteer Call-Out & Movie Night!

Join us at the Windsor Center in Iron River (old middle school) on Thursday JANUARY 22nd @ 6:00pm to view a great sled dog racing film! We will be viewing the 2014 Iditarod Race Documantary: The March to Nome, complete with footage of Iditarod history. Along with this film, we will see a short clip of last year’s IronLine race, give a call-out for new volunteers, and everyone will have their first chance to purchase NEW, 2015 IronLine merchandise. This is a FREE event brought to you through a partnership with Movies at the Windsor & Interpose Productions. Everyone welcome! Donations appreciated.


Registered Mushers for 2015 (UPDATED)

Registered Mushers for 2015

10-Dog Pro Class

1. Larry Fortier, Gaylord, MI
2. Joann Fortier, Gaylord, MI
3. Jerry Trudell, Calumet, MI
4. Mike Bestgen, MN
5. Fred Powers, Wetmore, MI
6. Chad Grentz, Nisula, MI
7. Jerry Papke, Kingston, MI
8. Shannon Miller, OH
9. Becky Bean, Laurium, MI
10. Amber Evans, Milaca, MN

6-Dog Sport Class

1. Lynne Witte, Mt. Clemens, MI
2. Randall Foust, Mountain, WI
3. Ron Hayden, Seven Hills, OH
4. Susan Sarafini, Hancock, MI
5. Larry Krot, Ohio
6. Liza Dietzen, Skandia, MI
7. S. Leigh Hunteman, Cambridge, MD
8. Mike Betz, Hudson, WI
9. Blair Braverman, Mountain, WI
10. Brian Kandler, Mason, MI

4-Dog Recreational Class

1. Jesse Quayle, Champion, MIA
2. Tim Wood, Skandia, MI
3. Teri Grout, Chatham, MI


FatBike Shorty Announced for 2015

For all of you who weren’t wanting to race the 22-mile/40K FATBIKE Race, we have added a shorter one. Whether you are a beginner, new comer to winter mountain biking, or just don’t have any training in…the FATBIKE Shorty could be for you!

Leaves right after 40K FATBIKE Race.

$35 anytime fee. You can show up race day and just ride!

Small prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.

29+ Bikes are allowed.

Uses the same groomed trail as our other races.

*THIS RACE DOESN’T YET SHOW UP ON THE OFFICIAL RACE REGISTRATION. Please email us at theironline@gmail.com to enter or arrive early on Saturday, January 31st. (Then you can watch some of the dogs running!)